See Neil Gaiman's Sandman covers before and after Photoshopping

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Feb 12, 2020, 5:50 PM EST (Updated)

Neil Gaiman's Sandman series redefined comics. A big part of what made them so fantastic, aside from Gaiman's brilliant writing, of course, are those striking Dave McKean covers. But did you know what they looked like before they got the Photoshop treatment?

Cover artists use a host of different mediums to facilitate something that'll jump out and grab a potential comic reader so they'll pull a book off the shelf at their local comic shop and flip through. In the case of Dave McKean and Sandman, he created these huge painting installations that he would photograph and send to DC Comics.

Check out the gallery below for two covers and how they originally began, and just marvel at what an achievement they truly are.

(via Neil Gaiman's tumblr)

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