See the original creepy screen test for the Aliens chestburster

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Sep 9, 2013, 3:20 PM EDT (Updated)

If you're a lover of practical effects, you'll love seeing how the Aliens chestburster started out.

The moment that the very first xenomorph explodes out of John Hurt's chest, a true monster icon was born. So years later, when the sequel was being made, there was a huge challenge in figuring out how to top what came before.

And while you may never get a full consensus on whether Alien or Aliens is the superior film, you can't deny that the updated creature effects of the sequel were incredible.

One of the noteworthy updates you'll see to the original Giger design in this screen-test video, is the addition of tiny arms, which really add a depth of emotion and character to those little buggers. Also, there's just a ton of fantastically organic mobility. Take a look at this video from the Stan Winston School.

Even just this skeletal design has a real life to it. It's a real triumph of design and execution. We'd argue that this is the sort of innovation that's sorely missed in most genre films these days. But maybe, if we pass this video around, everyone will be reminded of how great this kind of work is and, should any more Alien sequels/prequels turn up, we'll see a return of this kind of artistry.

(via TOR)