See the radical HD restoration of Transformers: The Movie in new featurette

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Aug 10, 2016

Transformers: The Movie powered its way into summer theaters 30 years ago this month, and the deluxe Blu-ray edition of the animated feature will launch on Sept. 13.  This ambitious sci-fi odyssey into the harsh realm of the Autobots and Decepticons featured the great Orson Welles (in his last performance) voicing the planet-eating entity Unicron and a stellar vocal cast, including Peter Cullen, Eric Idle, Casey Kasem, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Stack and Frank Welker.  For its 30th-anniversary release, a dedicated crew of artists and technicians assisted with the film's careful restoration process in converting the original 35mm print to a sparkling high-definition edition. Shout Factory and Hasbro Studios have released this new featurette hosted by FotoKem's Principle Color Scientist Joseph Slomka, which explains the complex remastering and color correction necessary to put a fine polish on this modern animation treasure and allow the transfer team to extract extra depth, shading and texture, even beyond what was presented in theaters in 1986.


"Additionally, there's just so much more detail in the element that we had, because we started with a very high quality piece of film, we were able to do a very high quality scan," says Slomka. "There's much more subtle detail in the transfer that we were able to do than had been seen before. One of the big surprises is the kind of detail you see in the introduction of Unicron and the birth of Galvatron.  You can see more of what the artists actually drew inside this content than you were able to see before, those fine lines and details that simply didn't make it through the VHS or the DVD transfer."

Have a peek at the masterful makeover for Transformers: The Movie 30th Anniversary Edition and tell us if you've got the touch ... or the power.

(Via Superherohype)

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