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See Rutger Hauer explain why Batty's not a villain in '82 Blade Runner interview

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Sep 10, 2013

Rutger Hauer had a very different take on the world's most wanted Replicant.

Most viewers watching Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic Blade Runner will see Hauer's Roy Batty as a clear villain, a renegade, inhuman creature determined to get what he wants at any cost. Though he earned a little bit of our sympathy with his legendary "tears in rain" speech, he's always seen as the antagonist to Rick Deckard, as the thing who needs to be stopped. But that's not what Hauer saw in the character.

In a 1982 interview with John C. Tibbetts, Hauer (while wearing an incredible shirt) is asked if he's attracted to playing villain. His response is that he doesn't think Batty is one.

"I think Harrison is the villain," Hauer said. "Definitely."

When asked to clarify, Hauer discusses Batty's motivations versus Deckard's, and points out that Batty's goal is, at its most basic level, to prolong life, while Deckard's is to end it (even if that life is artificial).

"My idea of a villain is somebody who wants to do some nasty, bad things, and Harrison's character...his motivation...he has to kill five Replicants, which we are, because they are sort of dangerous and they say they sort of found a spaceship and people got killed, but you never see that happen in the film," Hauer said. "It's just one of the stories they give you. 

"[Replicants have] been given four years, and I'm enjoying life, and I want more than four. That's the goal."

So, while many, if not almost all, of Blade Runner's first viewers were rooting for Deckard back in 1982, Hauer was sitting there rooting for Batty.

For more on Blade Runner, including the often exhausting shooting process, check out the full video above.

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