See a sweeping trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic's new add-on pack

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Oct 13, 2016, 3:28 PM EDT (Updated)

Check out this lavish 6-minute announcement trailer for the elaborate new add-on pack for Bioware/EA's Star Wars: The Old Republic online RPG, with some "most impressive" graphics and cinematic storytelling to entice players to snatch one up when it's available for download on Dec. 2.


Launched in 2011, the non-canon Star Wars MMO sensation has attracted more than 1 million registered players, who attempt to rule the galaxy as it was thousands of years before Luke Skywalker used to bullseye womp rats in his T-16 back home on Tatooine. This is the sixth DLC expansion pack for SWTOR, and from the operatic scope and compelling narrative seen below, it might be the best and most complex yet.

Here's the official synopsis:

Knights of the Eternal Throne puts the player at the center of their own explosive battle to rule the galaxy. As the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War, players will have the power to make their mark based on their light and dark side choices. Stakes are high as the player faces the most powerful villains in the galaxy including Emperor Valkorion and Empress Vaylin, as you lead the fight to take control of the Eternal Throne!

Ruling the galaxy offers expanded power and influence through the new Galactic Command system. Alone or with friends, players can ignite light and dark side battles, face all-new erupting confrontations known as Uprisings, and unlock powerful rewards. In the latest expansion, players will be able to customize their combat encounters with three challenge levels, giving everyone the option to play their way.

BioWare also announced Pre-Order Rewards for Knights of the Eternal Throne. Players who are subscribed to Star Wars: The Old Republic by October 25 get the infamous mercenary bounty hunter, Shae Vizla, as their companion. Those subscribed as of November 27 can rise above their enemies in the new Rapid Recon Walker Mount – stay subscribed throughout the entire period to receive 3-days of early access to the expansion.

Immerse yourself in this gorgeous new launch trailer for the Knights of the Eternal Throne add-on titled "Betrayed," then tell us if it's a worthy addition to the Star Wars gaming world and if you'd love to see a feature adaptation within this epic Legends timeline.

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