See the Star Wars VII audition script an actor posted to Instagram then deleted

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Nov 20, 2013

A page from what could be the screenplay for Star Wars Episode VII briefly surfaced online in an Instagram photo -- and was quickly taken down again.

British actor Jason Flemyng -- who we've seen as Azazel in X-Men: First Class and Calibos in Clash of the Titans, among others -- posted a photo on Instagram of what he hinted was a page from the script for the new Star Wars film, presumably in his possession because he's up for a role.

Flemyng wrote on the page, "Pint of Stella and Star Wars script! That’s me sorted till 5!”

The picture was taken down shortly thereafter, although we managed to grab a screencap of it (see below)

Since it was taken down, we have to assume it was the real deal. For one thing, the script page was red with Flemyng's name watermarked across it -- standard operating procedure for studios when they do not want scripts to get leaked. He also said in the comments below the photo that he was auditioning for a role but had not gotten it yet. 

For one brief, tantalizing moment, we had a glimpse at what could have been a scene from Star Wars Episode VII -- which is a whole lot more than we've gotten from official channels!



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