See what Rosetta’s Philae lander saw approaching Comet 67P in new ESA footage

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Oct 20, 2015, 6:02 PM EDT

The European Space Agency did something awesome last year and used its Rosetta mission to successfully land the Philae spacecraft on Comet 67P. Want to see what the lander saw during its final descent?

To celebrate the lander’s one-year anniversary, the ESA has released a new video compiled from the seven near-surface images taken by the craft’s ROLIS camera during descent. As part of the process, they’ve smoothed out the images and strung them together to create a seamless video showing what Philae “saw.” The clip shows Philae descend from 219 feet to 29.5 feet but does not show the full landing process.

Of course, Philae’s landing was a bit bumpy at the time, as one of the craft’s harpoons failed, and it bounced around the surface before coming to rest in a shady area of the comet called Abydos. Despite the miss, the craft was still able to make contact with Earth, and the ESA has been making the best of the situation. Regardless, the mission is still a huge accomplishment for the ESA and all of mankind.

Check out the video below and enjoy your spaceflight:

(Via Space)