See 7 epic pages from the upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men showdown

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Dec 16, 2012

With the April 4 release of the highly anticipated 12-issue Marvel Comics crossover event Avengers vs. X-Men drawing near, the publisher has released the first seven pages of Issue 1 to whet fans' appetites. And whetted our appetites have become.

Entertainment Weekly has offered a look at how the showdown of the two major super-teams gets started, also spilling some details provided by writers Brian Michael Bendis and Jason Aaron.

The seven-page preview, which kicks off the story with the return of the Phoenix Force, is available here. The all-too-brief intro shows both sides gearing up, with Captain America and Wolverine providing some brief background along the way.

Aaron said the team of writers on the project tried to take a different tack from previous crossover events, by not merely basing the conflict around some throwaway misunderstanding. Instead, Avengers vs. X-Men sees both teams staking out an arguable ideological claim.

"In the past, the typical Marvel thing when two groups of heroes cross paths was: They would meet, there would be some kind of misunderstanding, and they would fight," Aaron told Entertainment Weekly. "Then they would make their peace and team up to save the day. This is not that kind of story. This is 12 issues of gigantic brawls for the fate of the world, where both sides really have a defensible position."

Bendis and Aaron mapped out the majority of the story, with Aaron handling the X-Men bits and Bendis penning some of the Avengers concepts. Though the storyline will feature the Phoenix Force front and center, Bendis said he doesn't plan to use it as a way to play off the classic Phoenix stories of yore.

"When I was on Daredevil, my primary goal was to not pick at Frank Miller's bones," he said. "When I started working on the idea of the Phoenix Force being the element, I thought, 'Can we not be picking at Chris Claremont's stories? Can we come up with a new Phoenix Force idea? We're always conscious of not just picking the bones of the great stories we loved from when we were kids."

(Via Entertainment Weekly).

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