See 82 scrapped Deadpool designs from X-Men: Origins Wolverine

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

It's been three years since X-Men Origins: Wolverine hit theaters and it left a bad taste in our mouths. One issue that plagued the film was its portrayal of Deadpool ... or should we say Weapon XI? But don't be too hard on it—things could have been a lot worse.

A visual effects company called Amalgamated Designs recently revealed what Weapon XI could have looked like in Wolverine. They produced over 80 variations of the character, before settling on what was featured in the film.

According to their video description:

"Here, in quick succession, are 82 variations on Deadpool. It was our job to satisfy the many creative voices on the show, from director Gavin Hood to the producers and studio, so we generated a huge selection of artwork from complete direction changes to subtle variations like tweaks to eye color. This is why having a design phase at the start of preproduction is so valuable. We'll never satisfy everyone with a design, but an exploratory like this lets us consider the options."

They ran the gamut with their ideas. Weapon XI could have easily gone from sci-fi to horror. We're pretty sure one of the designs looks like Jeff Goldblum's The Fly. And another favors the Engineer from Prometheus.

Out of this bunch, which is your favorite?

(via Superherohype)