See an awesome Trek Gangnam Style parody done entirely in Klingon

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Dec 17, 2012

We've seen a lot of sci-fi parodies of Korean pop star PSY's worldwide hit "Gangnam Style," but more keep beaming in. A new, extra-nerdy version of the tune just hit the 'net, and this time it's done in an alien language.

This particular version comes courtesy of the nerdy chicks at Comediva, who decided that getting into costume and doing the dance, or writing their own weird lyrics, just wasn't enough. No, this called for boldly going where no parody video has gone before. So they translated all the lyrics into Klingon, dressed up and gave the world "Klingon Style."

Check it out!

That's dedication to sci-fi if we've ever seen it. Someone tell Michael Dorn we just got a new idea for his Worf spinoff.

(Via Comediva)

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