See Guy Pearce kick ass on Earth and in space in new Lockout ad

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Dec 16, 2012

We're getting more and psyched for the space-prison escape flick Lockout, especially now that we've seen Guy Pearce in gravity-defying action. Now a new TV spot is here to up the ante yet again, and this time the action isn't just in outer space.

We know Pearce's character, Snow, is an ex-government agent turned wrongly convicted prisoner who's looking to win his freedom by rescuing the president's daughter from space prison. We've seen him in action in space, surrounded by hostile inmates, and now this TV spot gives a good look at Snow as the man on the run, trying to evade capture right here on planet Earth.

All the big action chase tropes seem to be in order: leaping across rooftops, evading capture on a motorcycle, leaping over and sliding under things that may block the way. The difference is that, rather than cop cars or SWAT teams, Snow's being chased by a futuristic police ship that packs some serious firepower. Take all that sci-fi action, mix in a little of that Snake Plissken-inspired attitude, and the Lockout release can't get here soon enough.

Lockout opens April 13. Check out the spot for yourself and tell us what you think.

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