See how HBO fixed that Thrones episode featuring George Bush's head

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Dec 17, 2012

Two weeks ago, the revelation that George Bush's severed head appears briefly in an episode of Game of Thrones prompted HBO execs to apologize, strongly condemn the image and then yank the episode from distribution until they could find a way to fix the problem. And now they have.

The network yanked the season-one finale "Fire and Blood" from its HBOGO digital streaming service and halted shipments on all DVD and Blu-ray box sets on June 14 after issuing a public statement both apologizing for the appearance of Bush's head and condemning the use of it in the episode as "disrespectful" and a "careless mistake." Game of Thrones executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss issued an apology the same day, and noted (for the second time) that the use of Bush's head was never intended as a political statement. They just use whatever heads they get when they order bulk body parts for some of the show's more gruesome sequences.

But HBO still promised they'd fix it, and fix it they have, by digitally altering the head. The new model has smaller features and what looks like a generous addition of either stubble or dirt. Take a look at the before and after (the original is on the left):

It definitely looks less like a former president now. If you buy the episode from here on out, this'll be the version of the head you see. Now we wait to find out if HBO gets so worked up about the controversy that they decide to raid our homes for original box sets.

(Via Vulture)

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