See how Schwarzenegger nearly ruined his most famous line ever

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Dec 17, 2012

Though he's played in a ton of movies over the years, action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is best known as the Terminator, a role he has reprised in several big-screen outings. But did you know he almost ruined his most famous line ever?

Yes, the classic catchphrase "I'll be back," uttered by Schwarzenegger's big metal killing machine, would've been changed if Schwarzenegger had had his way.

Why? Because Arnie's Austrian accent made it tough to pronounce "I'll," so he begged director James Cameron to tweak the line. Luckily, Cameron didn't cave:

"I could not pronounce really well this 'I'll' so I just kept saying to James Cameron just say 'I will be back,' as it sounds more like a machine ... and he says 'No, no, no.' He says 'Look, I don't tell you how to act so don't tell me how to write. I wrote the line 'I'll be back'' ...

It sounds really weird when I say it with my German accent but he said 'I don't care,' let's just say it 10 different ways and then one will work. And so that's what we did."

Of course, the rest is history, and the duo created one of the most famous catchphrases ever.

Check out the full video interview with Schwarzenegger, where he talks about the near-change here.

What do you think? Would "I will be back" still have been as catchy?

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