See Star Wars' Battle For Hoth mapped out in 6-min Minecraft vid

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Dec 17, 2012

Feel that chill in the air? Bundle up. It's walkers on the north ridge battling it out in the bland but beautiful cyber-blocks of Minecraft. Echo Base never looked so cozy and clean!

Back in December, YouTube Star Wars fiend Paradise Decay reconstructed the Death Star "trench run" using the minimalist magic of Minecraft. Now he's returned with a vengeance with The Empire Strikes Back's legendary Battle for Hoth reworked in the same medium, complete with the original music and sound effects. The virtual set took over two months to design and build, and the video itself requiring nearly a week to film and sync with the movie's actual soundtrack.

Ready your tow cables and relive the revelry of Rogue group's futile assault!

Here's the creator's comments on conjuring up this six-minute morsel:

Everything in the video has been built by hand using the 1.4 snapshot. I have tried to re-create the Hoth sequence to the best of my knowledge including highlight clips from the movie. No special effects or mods have been used..... its all vanilla! The lasers we're created using dispensers firing fire charges.

Impressive! And here's his Death Star Run video, too, if you still have the Minecraft munchies.

(via Geek Tyrant)