See Texas cops let 7-year-old cancer patient be Batman for a day

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Dec 17, 2012

We all played Batman as kids, but most of the time the best we could do was tape a paper Bat-symbol to a bicycle and pretend the biggest stuffed animal we had was the Joker. This young cancer patient asked if his Bat-games could be taken to the next level, and with the help of a charity and some local cops, he got his wish. Prepare yourself for the most adorable adventure in the history of the Dark Knight.

Kye is only 7 years old, and he's living with leukemia. He's also a Batman superfan with dreams of donning cape and cowl and saving Gotham from supervillains. Texas-based nonprofit A Wish With Wings heard about Kyle's Batdream and hooked up with the Arlington, Texas, police and fire departments to give Kye a full day of crime-fighting, Batsuit and all.

The 7-minute video below follows Kye (and his friends dressed as Robin and Batgirl) as he foils the Joker's bank robbery and the Riddler's bomb plot. He even has time at the end of the day to accept the thanks of a grateful city and unmask for the cameras of local media.

All the grown-ups running around this thing get points just for the effort, but they also get bonus points for committing full-on to the setup, especially the villains. As for Kye, we hope he's able to get well, and we're very, very jealous indeed of his awesome Batday.

Check out the video:

(Via MovieLine)