1st footage from Seth Green's hilarious animated Star Wars comedy

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

We've been waiting for ages to finally get a glimpse of Seth Green's upcoming Star Wars cartoon comedy show. Green and his crew just unveiled the first footage at Star Wars Celebration VI, and we've got four clips for you to see right here!

Titled Star Wars: Detours, the series will be set between Episodes III and IV, and will feature a large cast of well-known characters as well as new characters. As Green promised, it's CG-animated, and it's got a very exaggerated style (check out Leia's GIGANTIC hair buns). The tone for much of it seems similar to the spoofs Green and company pulled off on Robot Chicken, though not as raunchy. Among the gags: the Emperor and Darth Vader telling everyone the Death Star's actually a mall while it's still under construction, Han and Chewie coming off like an old married couple and Leia acting like a desperate-for-attention celebutante.

Among the talent coming to the show, both as actors and writers, are Robot Chicken alums like Matt Seinreich, Abraham Benrubi, Breckin Meyer and Donald Faison, along with special guests like Joel McHale and Chuck's Zachary Levi, who will voice the new character Biff Tarkin, Grand Moff Tarkin's son.

We don't know yet when (or where) we'll be able to see the show in full, but sometime next year seems likely. In any case, based on the footage below, we can't wait to see full episodes.

Check out the first trailer and three minute-long clips below.

What do you think? Are you ready for this show to be on your TV?

(Via IGN)

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