Watch the interviews that prove even Robert Pattinson hates Twilight

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Jan 14, 2013, 1:38 PM EST

The final part of the Twilight Saga is out in the theaters. So ... are you ready for this whole Twilight thing to be over and done with already? It might surprise you to hear that you're in very good company, because even Robert Pattinson himself is happy for it to be over—and we've got the video evidence to prove it!

Over the course of very many press junkets, our young Mr. Pattinson has been known to, on occasion, make a slip or two that suggests he might not be such a fan of the series that made him famous or the characters held within. Someone has taken the time and effort to make a mashup video that shows some of the funniest occasions of Pattinson going off book.

Hard to pick a favorite part, but maybe when he says that after first reading the books he thought, "it seemed like a book that wasn't supposed to be published." That's just the opening gambit, though.

Tell us, what's your favorite Pattinson gaffe?

(via The Mary Sue)

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