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Before seeing Riddick, count down the 49 cinema sins of Pitch Black

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Sep 4, 2013, 10:56 AM EDT

Before you see Vin Diesel's latest sci-fi epic, let's look back at how Riddick got started.

Ah, yes. Pitch Black. The movie that introduced the world to a man who can see in the dark. At the time, it seemed to be one of those fun movies that was destined to fall into obscurity. Against all odds, though, it's managed to become a full-blown sci-fi franchise. And with the third film due for a release, there's only one thing to be done -- pick apart the original!

For all the times these videos take cheap digs at things that aren't terribly important, this particular run-down actually does a great job of picking apart legitimate logic-gaps and inconsistencies. We're not saying that Pitch Black isn't enjoyable -- but it's not the most well thought out sci-fi film by a long shot. Fortunately Riddick is the role Vin Diesel was born to play so his performance more than makes up for any problems with the narrative.

(via Comic Book Movie)