September 14 in Sci-Fi History: The Ballad of Mork and Mindy

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Sep 14, 2017, 8:30 AM EDT

Welcome to Boulder, Colorado in the late '70s, where a girl named Mindy meets a dude named Mork. Who is a space alien. And they fall in love. And then have a giant old man baby.

It was on this day in 1978 that Mork and Mindy premiered.

She thinks he’s just a little quirky at first but soon finds out he’s actually an alien from the planet Ork. Mork was originally a character on Happy Days, a weird dude who kept hanging around Fonzie and tried to date Laverne.

He was spun off into Mork and Mindy in 1978 by Garry Marshall, Dale McRaven, and Joe Glauberg, who reset Mork’s story to take place in the '70s in Boulder.

Robin Williams is actually really good as Mork, but Pam Dawber is often overlooked for how great she was as well. Here is a weird meta-thing where Mork and Mindy meet the actual Robin Williams, who’s in town for a solar energy show. Because multi-cam comedy TV is amazing that way.

The show ran for 91 episodes, and the fourth season featured Jonathan Winters as their son, Mearth.

Tomorrow: Lost in Space.