September 29 in Sci-Fi History: My Favorite Martian (and Madeline Kahn)

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Mar 25, 2021, 12:00 PM EDT (Updated)

We're in the epicenter of fall television premiere madness and thus we've got some real doozies from the past to talk about today. First of all, it was on this day in 1963 that My Favorite Martian premiered. Starring Ray Walton and Bill Bixby, the show ran for three seasons on CBS.


And then, in 1985, two pretty spectacular shows premiered in competition with each other, causing people to finally learn how to work their VHS record functions. One was MacGyver, and while technically not sci-fi, come on ...


The other was a spectacularly creepy foray into television by Steven Spielberg called Amazing Stories.


The show premiered on NBC and famously scared the pants off a ton of children before bed. There are a lot of episodes on YouTube, but you’ll need to cough up some dough to watch all of 'em.

Weird Side Note: It was also on this day in 1977 that "Star Wars Cantina Band" by Meco hit number one on the billboard charts.


And finally, Madeline Kahn was born on this day in 1942. A comic genius and one of our most treasured icons, Kahn died in 1999. Some notable roles include Elizabeth in Young Frankenstein ...


She was, in fact, often the best part of any Mel Brooks movie ...


And, duh, Clue.


Tomorrow: The Thunderbirds.