September 3 in Sci-Fi History: Fortress of Sheen

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Sep 3, 2017

On this day in sci-fi history, and more specifically 1992, Fortress premiered. This isn’t a movie that gets a lot of attention in the genre, but is definitely worth a look.

If you’re a big dystopia type, keep in mind that The New York Times reviewed the film by saying: “At its best, it blends RoboCop, The Handmaid's Tale, and Brave New World into something scary, original and grimly amusing.” So, like…who would love that?

Also, today? Get out your tiger blood, team. It’s Charlie Sheen’s birthday. Born in 1965, he’s the son of actor Martin Sheen, and also famously kind of a mess. His sci-fi career is not necessarily giant, but he did star in 1996’s The Arrival.

While The Arrival isn’t so much a good movie, it is fun to see film making 1996’s take on alien arrivals in an age where Amy Adams kind of has this all sealed up. Plus, it's got Teri Polo, who continues to prove herself awesome in every way.

Tomorrow: They don’t love you like I love you.

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