September 4 in Sci-Fi History: Space 1999 (& Beyonce)

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Sep 4, 2017

Are you a fan of kitschy cult television? Well then, today's a doozy. It was on this day in 1975 when Space 1999 premiered.

This is cult science-fiction television of a pretty high order. Running from 1975-1977, Space 1999 was a United Kingdom show created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson about a toxic waste accident on the moon that sends it (the moon, the whole moon) hurtling into space. Mainly though, the outfits were incredibly groovy.

Perhaps most importantly, today is Beyonce’s birthday. Okay, fine, she doesn’t have a huge sci-fi background. But … doesn’t she? Have you seen her perform? It’s not of this world. She was also in Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002), which…sort of counts.

But also, come on, Lemonade is so dreamy, it looks like parts of your favorite sci-fi.

Tomorrow: Raquel Welch and Michael Keaton

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