Sequel in the works for Hugh Jackman brawling robots pic (Really?)

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Dec 14, 2012

It's true! Score Round 2 for robots before the Real Steel opening bell ever rings! Antsy Hollywood honchos gazed into their crystal balls this week and bet that your future lust for all things robotic won't soon subside. Seems some people just can't get enough galvanized gladiators.

Months before its theatrical release on Oct. 7, 2011, Dreamworks has rehired Real Steel screenwriter John Gatins to start typing a battle-bot sequel. Already? Yep. Preview screenings and Vegas CinemaCon footage has audiences all hot and bothered watching metallic monsters beat the livin' tin out of each other, and the news has prompted the green light for another.

While there's no harm in a little confidence and optimism for Real Steel's potential success, why not relax, pour ourselves a tasty beverage and let fate unfold? Whatever happened to the idea of waiting to see if audiences actually LIKE the first film and whether it's even worthy of a sequel? THEN allow the next script to absorb worldwide feedback to address any problematic issues or capitalize on the exciting strengths of the original. (What a concept!)

Real Steel sure appears to have a winning pedigree, with its "Rocky-meets-Transformers" plotline (adapted from a story by Richard Matheson), the charismatic brawn of Hugh Jackman, an $80 million budget and the solid directing talent of Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum).

But if history has lessons to teach, gently set the Wayback Machine to 2009 and remember the coma-inducing assault of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen proving beyond a doubt there is indeed such a thing as too much robot roughhousing.

Seriously, we'd love just ONE great sci-fi movie this year. Please? Not too much to ask, is it? We're still re-applying our Battlestar Galactica Band-Aids to the wounds of disappointment suffered from Skyline and Battle: Los Angeles.

So will Real Steel have the stamina and heart to duke it out for box-office gold this fall? And are you Itching for a ringside seat ... or ready to throw in the towel?

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