Seriously? CNN asks if Lost-like phenomena is to blame for missing plane

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Mar 20, 2014, 3:40 PM EDT (Updated)

As the search continues for Malaysia Airlines’ missing Flight MH370, everyone seems to have a theory -- and CNN is diving into some of the dumber ones.

Yes, jokes and theories about Lost, The Twilight Zone the Bermuda Triangle and black holes and everything else have been bouncing around Twitter and social media ever since the plane vanished more than a week ago. It’s a mystery that’s stumped the planet, so that’s to be expected online.

But CNN’s Don Lemon took it a step further in a recent segment, in which he actually asked former U.S. Transportation Department inspector general Mary Schiavo if some of those theories might hold water. Seriously?

Yes, we understand the search is essentially at a standstill as officials run down leads and comb millions of miles of ocean for potential debris. But c’mon, people's lives have potentially been lost and their families are trapped in a hellish state of flux as they wait to find out what actually happened to their loved ones. You’d expect this from late night television and snarky Twitter feeds, but not CNN.

To her credit, Schiavo handles the absolutely ridiculous questions with aplomb, while simultaneously pointing out how utterly stupid it is to think the missing passengers of Flight MH370 might actually be on a secret island battling a smoke monster and experiencing their own season of a flash-sideways. As she so eloquently put it: “Well, uhh, Lost is a TV show.” 

We get that some folks want wall-to-wall coverage until this plane turns up, but we can do better than this.

(Via The Verge)