Seriously, Love Actually is a genre movie, right?

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Nov 13, 2018, 4:12 PM EST (Updated)

We here at SYFY FANGRRLS cover a lot of territory, but, sadly, romantic comedies are not generally on our list. That's not to say we don't love them. We have very strong feelings about Peter Kavinsky, after all, and Independence Day is only our second favorite Bill Pullman role (first place obviously going to While You Were Sleeping). But one movie is the ultimate romantic comedy, single-handedly kickstarting a trend of vignette-style movies with massive star power, offering something for everyone no matter their interest.

Love Actually was released on this very day in 2003, a simpler time when children could run rampant through airports as long as it was for love and an employee could spread her legs seductively in the middle of a busy office without a lengthy series of write-ups and suspensions (seriously, Mia, love yourself). But beyond its rom-com status, Love Actually is actually much, much more. In fact, one might argue it's the exact kind of movie SYFY FANGRRLS should absolutely cover.

So just because it's Love Actually's 15th anniversary — and on Love Actually's 15th anniversary, you tell the truth — here are all the reasons Love Actually is totally a genre movie.

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The cast

This movie features, in no particular order and among others: Severus Snape, Qui-Gon Jinn, Bilbo Baggins, Rick Grimes, Nanny McPhee, The Operative from Serenity, Elizabeth Swann, Ferb Fletcher, and Bill f*cking Nighy, who is in and of himself a genre. What is this, if not the ultimate Who's Who of genre entertainment?


Rowan Atkinson's whole deal

The biggest argument in favor of Love Actually's status as a sci-fi/fantasy film actually exists in canon. You see, Rowan Atkinson's persnickety gift wrapping? He did that because he was an angel. An angel sent to c*ckblock Alan Rickman, specifically. And also to help little Sam run through the airport and not get tased, a moment after which he was literally supposed to fade into the mist. Curtis rightly decided this was completely bonkers, saying in the DVD commentary track that "the film turned out so sort of multiplicitous that the idea of introducing an extra layer of supernatural beings" would just be too much. 

Love Actually Deleted Scene - Airport (2003) - Emma Thompson Movie HD

Whatever is happening in this deleted scene

I genuinely don't know how to prepare you for what happens in this scene. I very honestly can't. So just skip to 1:21 and, for the love of all things holy, watch all the way through. Seriously, what even is this movie. 


The fact that it's actually a horror movie

Oh, right, it's a nightmare. Yes, this movie is actually a horror film. That's how genre it is. It's sci-fi, fantasy and horror. It's rom-com Gremlins. Don't believe me? How about the fact that Colin Frissell, this misogynist trash goblin right here, is rewarded for being utter garbage with multiple human vaginas, including those belonging to Elisha Cuthbert and January Jones? How about Andrew Lincoln stalking Keira Knightley throughout her wedding with a hidden camera and editing a secret video featuring only her just for himself and his own private use? How about the fact that Laura Linney gets no happy ending whatsoever, wholly denied Rodrigo Santoro, or, as he is implausibly named in this film, Karl? THAT IS GODDAMN HORRIFIC RIGHT THERE. This should be pure Halloween viewing, not Christmas.