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Set sail into the choppy comic waters of Titan's new Sea of Thieves #1

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:18 AM EDT (Updated)

Ahoy, mateys! Seems today is filling up into a pirate-infested Wednesday, first with news of Disneyland's controversial change to a key scene in its beloved Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, and now with a brash preview of Titan Comics' Sea of Thieves #1 hitting comic shops March 14.

Based on Rare's upcoming swashbuckling video game of the same name, Titan's tie-in comic series emulates the game's cartoony style and riddle-solving, exploration dynamics with a rollicking epic adventure festooned with gorgeous artwork.

Written by Jeremy Whitley (Princeless, Thor vs. Hulk) and perfectly matched with rousing art by Rhoald Marcellius (The Incredible Hulk, Warren Ellis' Supergod), Sea of Thieves spins a salty, ocean-bound yarn drifting into port ahead of the lusty game's long-awaited debut on Xbox One and Windows 10 next week.

Microsoft's Rare is a long-established development studio based in England and is responsible for a cartload of classic Nintendo titles like Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country, Battletoads, GoldenEye 007, and dozens more.


Here's the official solicitation synopsis:


Brimming with drama, doubloons and untold skulduggery, the Sea of Thieves is a strange and treacherous stretch of ocean where swarthy scallywags the world over flock to test their might and mettle.

Join us on a tale of danger and discovery as we follow the legend of two of the hardiest crews ever to brave its turbulent waters. Who will be the first to claim the treasure that awaits them... and who will be the first to walk the plank?

"Working on Sea of Thieves has been a dream," Whitley told SYFY WIRE. "Basically I was given the chance to work on the most anticipated game of the year with a company whose games I've loved since I was a kid AND I got to build my own team of rogues and scallywags. It's honestly the best of both worlds."

Weigh anchor and plunge into our exclusive 6-page preview plus covers in the gallery below, then report back to tell us if you'll join the treasure-hunting crew of Sea of Thieves #1.

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