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SET VISIT: Witches of East End's Mädchen Amick on season two and getting naked

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Jul 6, 2014

Walking into the Beauchamp house on the Witches of East End set at Eagle Creek Studios in Burnaby, B.C., is like getting transported directly into the witchy series. The house, with its wrap-around porch and stunning interiors, looks real, with one room leading into another. There, on the set in the elaborate dining room, where so many witchy conversations have taken place, Blastr chatted with actress Mädchen Amick, who plays Aunt Wendy, during a set visit about the show's season two, which premieres on Sunday at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

“Wendy is on her last life. Now we have a new foe that's come in. Wendy's being a little more responsible in season two. She's not so flippant. She has to take things a little more seriously. She's on her last life, so things get real,” said Amick (Star Trek: The Next Generation).

In the season-one cliffhanger, Wendy was attacked thanks to shapeshifter and Big Bad Penelope, and left with only her present life to live, and the portal to Asgard was opened and something or someone came through. Beyond that, Penelope's sons, Dash and Killian, got their powers after she was dispatched, and since Freya left Dash at the altar, there's bound to be one unhappy former finacee with magic. The series, which was created by Maggie Friedman, also stars Julia Ormond, Rachel Boston and Jenna Dewan Tatum.

“The first episode really deals with coming to terms with loss and losing a loved one and all that kind of stuff. Pretty heart-wrenching stuff,” said Amick, who's as beautiful, charming and funny offscreen as her Aunt Wendy is onscreen.

“The portal is open. We have closed it before, but there's some gap in memory that happens in the beginning of this [season] and we don't quite know exactly what happened during that time period,” she said.

“We're going to explore where the witches come from [and] why they're here, a lot of the past, their other realm and their father on the other side. There's some other family members on the other side. [It's a] really good backstory to the mythology behind us as witches. And I am a huge mythology geek, so we're basing a lot of it on Norse mythology, which I'm super happy about."

As for the guys getting their magic, “There's a history between Dash and Killian and the Beauchamps. There's a very long history ... so now that they've gotten their powers, it's interesting because now Dash, his heart is broken. And now we've got a really angry boy with powers and the Beauchamps are probably going to have to keep him in check. So it's fun. It's actually going to be really fun. I think it was really enjoyable to watch the girls learn about their magic in season one, and now we get to watch the boys learn about their magic. What does it mean? How can they use it? How do they keep it under control? Some good times,” said Amick.

And then there's that cat. Amick's character sometimes turns into a black cat, and this season we'll see the transformation.

“Every time that cat's around, Wendy's naked,” she said. “What I do love about the nudity that I do on this show is that it's out of fun and it's not gratuitous and it's never in sexual situations. I just think it's a comedy beat, in a way. So it's been fun to play ... we always come up with ways of how to hide my bits. I think Austin Powers always had really good, creative ways. I've been referring back to Austin Powers a lot. Walking through the room, walking past a banana bowl ... always a challenge.”

Aunt Wendy will also get a new romantic interest. “She's got a new plaything this season, and he's super fun. He's a really, really great guy. He just gives it right back to Wendy. And we have a new set this season. We have a forest. There's going to be a lot of really cool stuff happening,” said Amick.

“There's some enemies floating around in the forest that Wendy has to check out. Actually, our portal is located in the forest. You'll see them coming and going. The way they're going to tell that story of our world versus our old world. That's going to be a fun dynamic to bring. I always think it looks so great when you get out into majestic scenery like that. And they saved us from being out in the middle of the night at 4 a.m. in the cold forest. It's awesome. Especially because Wendy the Cat is in the forest a lot. So they saved me from running around naked in the forest,” she said.

And just as easily as she talks about running around naked in the forest, Amick switches gears and addresses a question about how Witches of East End stacks up when it comes to being one of the few shows on television with female leads.

“It's amazing that we have lead females on television and a couple of them over 40. Thank you very much. And being beautiful and strong and sexy and everything that you hope for. It's also so adorable and tongue-in-cheek. The whole concept of witches was that women were speaking up for themselves and fighting for their rights. The whole concept of witchcraft came into play to hold down women and women's empowerment. So now we're in a situation where witches are sexy and hot and cool and strong and the symbol for strong women. So, we're turning that concept of witchcraft that was created to hold us down, and now it's actually empowering. I think that's kind of fun,” she said.

Here's a look at Witches of East End's season two:

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