Set your sights on Lego's sensational new Saturn V moon rocket set

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:14 AM EDT (Updated)

It was only a matter of time before Lego directed its dedicated team toward the magnificent machine that launched astronauts to the moon in the tallest Lego creation ever released.

Scheduled for blastoff on June 1, the NASA Apollo Saturn V set measures in at nearly 40 inches tall and contains a historic 1,969 pieces as a clever nod to the year of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. This beautifully detailed, 1:110 scale replica is priced at $120 and separates into three segments to act as a horizontal display piece. Crack open the upper S-IVB rocket stage and you'll discover mini versions of the Eagle Lunar Lander, the crew capsule of the Command/Service Module in splashdown mode, and a pair of Lego astronaut microfigures of indeterminable identity, but come on, we know it's Neal and Buzz.

This ultimate Lego space toy was created by Felix Stiessen and Valérie Roche, who independently designed and built the prototype officially submitted to LEGO Ideas. After acquiring the necessary 10,000 votes, Lego came on board and developed the Saturn V to ensure it lived up to exacting Lego quality standards.

Read the official press release and check out the images in the gallery below then tell us if this is a giant leap for your Lego collection.

Make history with the LEGO® NASA Apollo Saturn V, the first rocket to put people on the Moon! Build the 3 stages of this stunning meter-high rocket and display it on the stand or launch into orbit. Offload the S-IC and S-II sections, dock the lunar lander with the command service module, and complete a successful Moon landing mission!

The set also includes 3 stands to display the model horizontally, 3 new-for-June-2017 astronaut microfigures for role-play recreations of the Moon landings, plus a booklet about the manned Apollo missions and the fan designers of this educational and inspirational LEGO Ideas set.

(Via Geekologie)

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