Seth Rogen tells us not to worry about The Green Hornet

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

All the problems that have faced Seth Rogen's Green Hornet film have made us worry: It lost both a co-star and a director when Stephen Chow dropped out, production and release dates have been delayed, and there was even a bomb scare on the set.

But Rogen—who stars, produces and co-wrote the script with Evan Goldberg—tells fans not to worry; he's got it all under control.

"Honestly, I think as a producer, a lot of your work is done before now," Rogen told reporters on a call on Thursday while promoting NBC's Monsters vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space. "It's hiring the right people and making sure all the elements are in place and then trusting them to do what you hired them to do. But I'm there all the time, so I can make sure everything's going well. There's a lot of pressure. I understand that. I've been talking about this movie for years, and if it sucks, no one will be more disappointed than me, believe me."

Rogen plays Britt Reid, the newspaper publisher who dons a mask and costume to become the crime-fighting Green Hornet. Michel Gondry directs. Just being on the set is a minor relief, Rogen says: There were times when it looked like Columbia Pictures might pull the plug altogether.

"It is, I gotta say, an enormous one," Rogen said. "You've still got to make it awesome, so the relief isn't [completely] there yet. I will say, I take a huge amount of the pressure. I understand that. I understand that it's my face on it when it literally comes out. Even if it sucks for another reason, people will blame me, and that's why I have to be so involved to try to make sure that it doesn't suck."

Whatever pressure Rogen feels, it's not enough to put a damper on his sense of humor. "I will blame Gondry if it sucks, though," Rogen said with a laugh. "No, I'm just joking. We're all in it."

The Green Hornet is due Dec. 17, 2010.