Sex, drugs, and conference calls in Orphan Black's "The Antisocialism of Sex"

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May 27, 2016, 11:45 AM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers to follow for Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 7 "The Antisocialism of Sex"

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After last week's Orphan Black I was basically a puddle of tears, and I was pretty sure this week wouldn't let up. The events as they unfolded may not have been as tragic, but they were just as emotionally distressing for those who love clones.



Neolutionist-bred clone Rachel is still recovering at the secret hideout when she realizes her bedroom door has been unlocked. It allows her to make her way through the rest of the house for the first time, where Susan is waiting there to deliver the bad news -- Kendall is dead, the cure is lost. She admires a book which includes an illustration of "Leda and the Swan," and Susan tells her it's actually a book about the history of Neolution, "On the Science of Neolution," to be exact, by Percival (P.T.) Westmorland. He used his industrialist resources to create the secret scientific society. Huh. Getting closer to the source.

Evie (who, get this, is still getting sick from her treatments) puts in a video call to Susan, Rachel and a recovered Ira letting them know LEDA will be dismantled for its assets. She says there's no reason to kill the remaining clones because they're already on their way out (ouch). Evie sticks it to Rachel by saying Neolution would never be led by a clone.

Later, Rachel falls down the last few steps on a staircase and has what seems to be a vision of a swan. Except it's not. It's actually being sent to her brain via her fancy new eye. So, what we're looking at here is yet another level of conspiracy, right? Don't tell me this Westmorland guy is somehow still alive. He's probably still alive.



Alison is in her own emotional state trying to reconcile the death of Kendall while sticking to their plans of a birthday slumber party for Gemma. She actually drops to her knees to pray for help and open up, which is a really intense thing to see the usually in-control Alison doing. Oddly enough, she's annoyed when Donnie tells her he's invited Reverend Mike to the party.

She spends the night fending off offers of help from the Reverend and dealing with a grumpy Gemma when there's a knock at the door. It's the police. They burst in with guns raised in a room full of screaming children to arrest Donnie for trafficking in narcotics. We still don't know what, if any, actual hard evidence they have on him. Who shows up but Duko, who plays his hand to Alison immediately by saying, "Kendall was quite a loss."


Cosima took the brunt of the grief from last week's tragic events considering she was there in person. She's blaming herself for everything because she feels she forced Sarah into making the deal. My heart is breaking for her. Scott tries to raise her spirits by attempting to recover their lost data, which they can't, but Scott is trying to raise her hopes. Cosima isn't having it, but then she remembers she stole Sarah's maggot-bot.

She has the wild idea of implanting it in herself to see if it will stop her sickness, and locks Scott and Hellwizard out of the basement to go it alone. This is a terrible, terrible idea. She shouts at a desperate Scott that the risk is worth the reward, "My death might help the sisters understand the disease." Helpless, Scott gets Felix to call her. She picks up just before putting the bot in her mouth but, after she's numbed and cut herself open. Guess what? There was more to Krystal's story about Delphine getting shot! Clone Club can actually breathe again, and so can Cosima when Felix tells her someone came to pick Delphine up and she was alive when they took her away! I know we're not out of the woods yet, and god knows who took Delphine, but this news was just what the doctor ordered.


Sarah & Co.:

I knew things were going to be bad with Sarah in this episode, but I wasn't prepared for this. She probably wasn't prepared for her mom to lay the guilt on hard and then tell her, "You came to me an orphan; that's all you'll ever be" either. Damn. Sarah leaves, Kira stays, and Felix shows up wondering what the hell is going on. He tells Kira not to listen to Mrs. S, but to her heart, and heads out to find Sarah.

Sarah is doing the only thing she feels she can and drinking her pain away at a bar. And if you've been there, this is a tough episode to watch. Dizzy shows up, as well, but her attentions are quickly changed to a couple who started flirting with her (the scene of her cutting loose with them actually gave me flashbacks of Buffy's initial interactions with Faith). It's a quick downward spiral to heavy drugs from there. Felix arrives, receives no help from Dizzy and leaves again. Sarah and Dizzy wind up at his place where she eventually gets pissed off when he tries to talk Clone Club and leaves.

Under any other circumstances, seeing Sarah party would be fun to watch, but this is rough on so many levels. Knowing what a bad mental state she's already in is bad enough but, by the time she starts seeing visions of Beth, I was really concerned for her. And it turns out I was right to be. She heads to a bridge overlooking the train station where Beth killed herself.

In the meantime, Mrs. S gets a call from art and he reveals it was Duko who killed Kendall. Mrs. S starts cleaning her rifle and I would not want to meet her in a dark alley, no sir. Art takes a similar but quicker and more direct approach by beating the crap out of Duko. Mrs. S speaks to Kira, who is growing concerned, and tells her Sarah is "following Beth."

Back on the bridge, Sarah is now having a full on conversation with "Beth," while realizing how it sounds. She's seriously thinking of ending her life. It's so strange to watch this character, who's learned so much and come so far, wind up in a mirror image of the series premiere. After talking to Mrs. S about what Kira said, Felix is able to find her and tells her, "You've got to be stronger than her, Sarah." Beth leaves her to fight on.

Back at their hideout, Kira is playing Minecraft when M.K. breaks in for a chat. Will Kira be able to convince her to join forces with the Sestras? Speaking of which ...




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