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Sexy ghosts and powerful princesses [Strong Female Characters #27]

Nov 6, 2018, 12:00 PM EST

Welcome back to another episode of Strong Female Characters! Have we got a packed show for you.

The Satanic Temple is suing Netflix, Disney wants a Bucky/Falcon buddy cop series, and a woman marries a ghost?! There's a lot going on this week and Cher and Preeti have so many questions, like: how do you travel internationally when you're dead? And who are some of your favorite sexy ghosts? Plus, with Ralph Breaks the Internet on the horizon, author Marissa Meyer stopped by to talk about the proliferation of princesses, why we love them, and how they aren't so different from modern superheroes.

Listen to the latest episode below. Oh, and if you haven't already ... VOTE!

From rebellion leaders to scream queens and everything in between, women have shaped sci-fi and fantasy since its inception. Each week Fangrrls founder & managing editor Cher Martinetti and contributing editor and author Preeti Chhibber celebrate the countless badass women in geek culture through funny, witty, and unfiltered deep dives into the nerdverse.

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