Sexy 1958 German WTF sci-fi musical dance number will blow your mind

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 16, 2012

You can ponder the whys of what you'll see in this stage number by German film star Marika Rokk, but without the aid of experimental pharmaceuticals, there's no understanding why there are bald aliens, microscopic savages and a pre-Salma Hayek snake-charming routine in this clip. But it kinda doesn't matter.

It's best to just let this sort of thing wash over you, like a warm bath of insanity spiked with goof juice and cotton candy, without wondering who thought this kind of stage "extravaganza" would be entertaining in the first place.

I've now decided that this is all Iron Sky's moon Nazis had to watch during their lunar isolation, and the repeated viewings are what drove them mad.

(via SF Signal)

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