SFnal sleep chambers, Iron Man pics, Trek captains & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments has a few questions for you: Do you want to get in (statis) bed with all of sci-fi? How do you feel about that Justice League film? Why did John Carter tank? And ... would you tune in to A Game of Therones? All of this and much, much more! (How much more? You gotta click to find out!)

Our story: 14 deep space sci-fi sleep chambers to get primed for Prometheus

Your best comment: I'm glad so many people remembered Futurama, but I also liked the freaky stasis chamber scene from the beginning of Pitch Black, where the micrometeor storm tore through the ship. — Sithboy

Our story: 6 comic book storylines we'd love to see in a Justice League film

Your best comment: Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross would make an awesome Justice League film ... but it would have to be the last Justice League film. — Howards Turn

Our story: New Iron Man 3 set pic reveals another Marvel villain connection

Your best comment: Keep your ear to the ground for William Shatner cast as MODOK. Three words: GIANT FLOATING HEAD! — AndyS

Our story: 7 things you should know before watching Prometheus

Your best comment: C'mon Blastr...the distress signal from Alien actually turned out to be a warning beacon... per Ripley's analysis with Mother! This is a key, critical piece of information that only comes to light after the landing craft loses comms with the landing party..and it becomes too late for Ripley to abort the recon mission and warn them to get back to the ship. Thereby allowing Caine to get exposed to the Xenomorph egg. Details...details. — Jaro

Our story: CONFIRMED: The ID of the superhero DC Comics just turned gay is ...

Your best comment: I don't think you're actually aware of how many gay characters exist in mainstream comics. Off the top of my head: Rictor, Shatterstar, Northstar, Ultimate Northstar, Ultimate Colossus, Karolina, Midnighter, Apollo, Bunker, Wiccan, Hulkling, Batwoman, Obsidian, Anole. Readers have lived with gay heroes for years now and the industry has yet to implode. It's the news services that are slow in reporting it, because it's not news at all. — mister

Our story: Image of the day: Every Trek captain from every series in 1 place

Your best comment: Shatter looks like the thing from "Weird Science" that Chet turned into. — Joe

Our story: POLL: Which recent sci-fi TV finale was your favorite?

Your best comment: Please bring back Firefly. Please. — Timelord

Our story: 1st official Iron Man 3 set pic shows off Stark and a ton of suits

Your best comment: I don't care if he flies around in a pink lacey jock-strap with spangles and shimmering sequins on it, I can hardly wait for this movie!! (I just hope he has some mandarin-buster armor in his closet.....)! — Goldilocks

Our story: Lucasfim finally spills some info on the mysterious Star Wars 1313

Your best comment: For a second, I got excited because the profile looked like the apprentice, then I read the article and got a little less excited.... Then I remembered Force Unleashed 2 and got depressed. — tamcamry

Our story: Why did John Carter tank? Baffled Willem Dafoe has his own theory

Your best comment: Disney may have messed up the marketing and title, but pretty much from the get go people were crapping all over this movie even while it was still filming. Word of mouth got around of how people didn't think it was going to be good. So that help kill it too. — Tim

Our story: That Justice League movie is FINALLY getting off the ground

Your best comment: I have to agree. I see them rushing this and that will make it fail. For me what made Avengers so great was the set up from the other movies. I was already completly invested in these characters before the movie even started. That can not be overstated. — JDP13

Our story: Marvel exec Avi Arad explains why they nixed Raimi's Spider-Man 4

Your best comment: ...a character that's been around for several decades with literally thousands of comic book stories to pick ideas from and he says they couldn't come up with another movie?
Sounds a little weak.
— David Whitney

Our story: Charlize Theron 'foaming at the mouth' over Thrones, open to role

Your best comment: Okay, somebody has to say it.... "Game of Therones" — Vision