SG-1 bloodied + bruised in intense trailer for new Stargate game

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Jul 4, 2015, 1:19 PM EDT (Updated)

Considering that it's one of the biggest sci-fi brands after Star Trek and Star Wars, fans of Stargate SG-1 have gotten the short straw when it comes to videogames. But not for long.

The first trailer for a new Stargate SG-1 episodic mobile/tablet game, a la the recent smash hit The Walking Dead, has gone live. We don’t get any gameplay footage for Stargate SG-1: Unleashed, but the clip here sets it up as a dark, gritty adventure that will leave SG-1 worse for the wear. It’s set in the Goa’uld enemy era, meaning it can hopefully capture some of that early series fun that faded once the snakeheads were essentially vanquished in the later seasons.

Stargate games have been in development off and on for years, though almost all of them crashed and burned in development hell. A MMORPG game dubbed Stargate Worlds got closest to release, but the developer went bankrupt and tied it all up in court. Whatever work was done has been on the shelf for more than three years now.

Developers MGM and Arkalis Interactive are keeping the plot under wraps, but it seems all the key members of the team will be involved (though Dr. Jackson is on the bloody end of some torture). The developer is a relatively new outfit, but they’ve proven they can ship apps on time. They most recently developed the Stargate Command app, which includes a Teal’c’s Revenge action game. Both are currently available in the iOS and Android app stores.

The developers hope to ship Unleashed in March for major mobile platforms. Until then, marvel at the awesomeness of the teaser trailer below:

Do you plan on checking this one out?

(Via IGN)