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SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright says he’s ‘working on’ reviving Stargate with MGM

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Jan 25, 2019, 12:11 PM EST

The Stargate franchise got a long-awaited jolt last year with the period-set web series Stargate Origins, and now it sounds like MGM has brought in one of the architects of SG-1 to figure out where to go next.

Stargate SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright told the Nerks of the Hub Podcast he has been in contact with MGM about the Stargate brand, after a years-long period of disconnect between the two parties following the abrupt cancellation of Stargate Universe in 2011. Now, that doesn’t mean fans should expect a full-fledged new TV series anytime soon, but Wright said MGM seemed open to conversations and was receptive to his wish to honor the hundreds of hours of world-building and television that had come before via SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Universe.

“We’ve had conversations about what may or may not be able to happen going forward. And it’s sort of starting from scratch in so many ways. And very much in the acknowledgment that whatever the next step forward is, it has to be of certain quality and honor the several hundred hours of show that’s already out there. I don’t mean ‘honor’ — I mean acknowledge it. And they agreed,” he said. “That’s really still where we are. I don’t expect — and certainly don’t anyone expect — another television show to appear around the corner. But Stargate is an important part of their library … That’s all I can tell you! We’re working on it.”

MGM was initially looking to fully reboot the Stargate brand with a new feature film, but those plans flamed out a few years ago. So, the studio decided to think smaller and commissioned the prequel web series Origins, which played within the canon of both the original film and SG-1 universe, telling a story that fit with and paid respect to the world that had already been established. The series debuted on MGM’s Stargate Command streaming service last year, and seems to have been a hit all things considered.

So what’s next? No one knows, though Wright says MGM is starting to once again realize Stargate is a “genuine franchise” they are taking “quite seriously.” For longtime fans, getting Wright involved in any capacity looks to be a great move. He knows the franchise, and had a hand in building most of it. Origins showed there are still plenty of stories left to tell within that framework, and it sounds like the studio is open to finding a way to keep the world alive with sacrificing everything that has come before.

What would you like to see come next for Stargate? A continuation of the SG-1-verse? A full reboot? Another web series telling its own self-contained story like Origins?

(via Gateworld)

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