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Shadowhunters is one giant thirst trap

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Jan 3, 2019, 1:03 PM EST

If your goal is to create a story for young adults that will hold their attention, it’s not a bad idea to make sure there’s a lot of partial nudity built right into the premise — and Shadowhunters doesn’t disappoint.

The Freeform series isn't exactly must-see TV, but it is a show filled with sweaty training sessions, super-powered transformations, and magical spells that all conveniently require gorgeous people to show off their mega-hot bods. Oh, and it's mostly about teenagers, twenty-somethings, and ageless beings, so it's just everyone lusting for each other—even when they shouldn't.

If you’re unfamiliar with Shadowhunters, it’s basically True Blood meets early Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a splash of Riverdale’s main implausibility (namely, why the hell are teenagers in charge of everything?). On her eighteenth birthday, Clary Fray finds out she’s not a regular high school student, but actually a member of the mystically powered, divinely instructed angel-human hybrids called Shadowhunters. These warriors have supernatural powers that are connected to their use of runes, many of which they just so happen to have to burn onto their (disrobed) bodies. And, it turns out Shadowhunters are also divinely racist, heaven-bent on keeping “Downworlders,” their supernatural counterparts who are demon-human hybrids, and their demonic parents, subjugated. 

The plot is weird. The romantic drama is at times overwrought. And the whole thing is just plain frivolous. But who doesn’t need a little sexy frivolity in their lives given the current state of the world? Plus the fact that Shadowhunters doesn’t try to be something it’s not, but instead embraces its soap operatic moments and straight-up thirst trap-itude, has made loyal fans of many a teenager (and at least one non-teenager who wrote this article).

The series is in its final season, with the second half of the remaining episodes plus a two-part season finale to appear sometime in spring 2019. What we’re saying is that if you’re new to the show, you have plenty of time to catch up on the thirsty goodness that is Shadowhunters — and if you’ve already seen it, you can still schedule some time to binge it again. In that spirit, here are some of the thirst trap-iest moments of the series so far.

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Top stories

Shadowhunters | Season 2, Episode 1: Alec’s Apology to Magnus | Freeform

Magnus practices some kind of magical martial arts on his balcony

Um, hi. Yes. I would like to travel to this place and time where a sexy bisexual warlock is practicing a meditative martial art on his balcony, but also, like, doing magic. Oh, and get ready to bite your lip when his maybe-bae Alec, a Shadowhunter, walks in on his dreamy practice and enjoys himself a little Magnus sex appeal.


Isabelle’s whole thing

Isabelle is ridiculously hot—just all the time in every way in any outfit. She's also bold, brilliant, and lethal with her bracelet-snake-staff.


Simon and Clary get busy in a canoe in a garage

These horny teenagers and BFFs take the saying “If the boat is a rocking, don’t come a knocking” seriously. Of course, that’s exactly what Jace does, the bone-blocking jackass. Before he does, though, we get to witness some serious making out — including the reveal of Simon’s “nerd hot” bod.

Shadowhunters | Season 2, Episode 13: Jace and Maia Kiss | Freeform

Maia dominates Jace

Maia is one sexy werewolf who doesn’t take crap from anyone, especially not some self-obsessed Shadowhunter like Jace. She will, however, show him what it’s like to hook up with a powerful, bold woman. Let’s just say we wouldn’t mind being the one thrown up against that alley wall.


Isabelle and Raphael seek emotional intimacy

Star-crossed loves who are literally addicted to one another’s blood makes for a surprisingly delightful storyline. Add to that fact that Raphael, a vampire, is asexual and uninterested in sex, but does enjoy being emotionally intimate and sharing blood with Isabelle, a Shadowhunter, and you’ve got one compelling moment.

Shadowhunters sneak peek at Bad Blood Magnus walks in on a shirtless Alec EW com

Alec trains shirtless and Magnus reacts appropriately

Did we mention that Alec is 100% babe-alicious? Because that’s a key point of Shadowhunters. And, when he decides to do a little training shirtless, it’s quite delectable, though maybe that’s not how punching works. Regardless of his problematic form, getting to see the uptight Alec get sweaty and finally glimpsing where that stunning neck rune leads is pretty exciting. Magnus gets it.


Maia heals Simon with kisses (not literally)

After Simon has a run in with the leader of the Downworld, the Seelie Queen, who brands his head with a mysterious symbol, Maia inspects his forehead and comforts him, eventually smooching the spot where the brand had appeared. Of course, one smooch leads to another and before you know it, clothes are hitting the floor.


Clary actives Jace’s angelic rune

Will they? Won’t they? Are they siblings? The whole Clace (Clary and Jace) romance is a real rollercoaster of hormones, pining, and covert glances during serious situations. I guess if you confess under oath that you still have it bad for your sister but then find out she’s not your sister and still want to get down, but like, it’s all kind of weird, then yeah, a moment where you hold each other and all the runes on your exposed skin glow in angelic light, would probably feel pretty amazing. JUST DO IT ALREADY, YA HORN DOGS!

Shadowhunters | Season 2, Episode 18: #Malec's First Night Together | Freeform

Malec takes it to the bedroom (for the first time)

Magnus and Alec, aka Malec, really struggled to figure out their connection. So post-breakup when Magnus reflects on their firsts, including the first time they had sex, get ready to feel all the feels. Arousal, sadness, adoration, jealousy, frustration—all are valid reactions to this overwhelming sexy and touching scene.


Luke. Just Luke.

Come on. Just look at Luke in that outfit. Then think about how, when he wolfs out, he is not wearing any clothing. Exactly.

Shadowhunters may be all about the young, fresh hotties, but Isaiah Mustafa proves that maturity is one hell of a good look.