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Shane Black hints the plot of The Predator is way more complicated than we thought

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Aug 24, 2018

We knew that Shane Black’s take on The Predator was going to feature a lot of different Predators (some big, some regular, some dogs), but we didn’t know it would have such a detailed and bonkers plotline — with plenty of complex characters to boot. But thanks to a set visit detailing spaceships and alien suits, fans have a lot to chew on ahead of the franchise’s return to the big screen.

First up, who are all these characters anyways? According to the latest print edition of Total Film, who spoke to star Olivia Munn about her role as the sole female member of the Predator-fighting crew, it’s a ragtag bunch called “The Loonies.” Munn’s Casey Bracket is the outsider to the force. She’s an evolutionary biologist that is “not the romantic love interest to anybody else,” Munn said. She’s a scientist whose skills are needed to analyze a (perhaps) genetically-modified alien and - bucking Hollywood stereotypes - “can simply exist” without needing to be attached to one of the film’s men.

But as the set visit moved from the cast through the ship — which took five months to design and build — things got a little weird for those keeping tabs on the upcoming sequel’s plot.

**The following may contain spoilers for The Predator**

That’s because it’s not just the Loonies and shady thinktank member Will Traeger (Sterling K. Brown) onboard the ship, there’re two Predators hanging out, too — in Army-issued combat pants. Have these “regular” Predators been working with the government? Are they going to join the squad to help fight the mega-Predator that’s 10 feet all and full of hate? All we know is that a joke in the film is that they pair of Predators are brought to the Loonies to aid them and that Black said “there’s a Predator hunting not just humans, but other Predators.”

What in the world is going on in The Predator? Or, as it now should be called, Predator vs. Predators. We’ll all find out a lot more when the film comes out on Sep. 12.

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