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Shane Black talks resurrecting The Predator

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Aug 26, 2018

Thirty-one years after first invading our lives, The Predator is back in a new film. And according to a behind-the-scenes look, it's scarier than ever.

Shane Black (Iron Man 3) is bringing The Predator to Earth in the upcoming sci-fi film, which is said to be scarier (and maybe more complicated) than ever. Predator first hit the big screen in 1987, introducing fans to the technologically advanced expert hunting extraterrestrials and spawning sequels in 1990 and 2010. Plus, there were some crossover films with the Aliens franchise too.

But now The Predator is back once again, and in the new behind-the-scenes video, Black talks about bringing the aspects of genre we love to the film, reimagining the franchise, and what changes have been made visually to the iconic Predators making them more terrifying than ever. Check it out below:

The Predator follows a group of ex-soldiers and a professor as they try to save the planet from the hunters who have the skills to kill. As mentioned in the video, the Predator has been upgraded and is "bigger, better, and badder" than before. According to previous interviews, the plot of the new film centers around rogue Predators who are resentful of losing some of their own and now have bred the "ultimate assassin" to take down the humans. These genetically modified Predators are ready to do whatever it takes to defeat their human foes.

Humans, get ready. The Predator lands on September 14.

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