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Shane Black told Predator actors to channel Knights of the Round Table rejects

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May 29, 2018

Shane Black (of Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Lethal Weapon fame) was never going to make a conventional Predator film. We already knew his reboot was going to be about PTSD as much as it would be about a lethal alien, but now we know a little bit more about the mindset that the writer/director wanted to inspire in his actors.

Keegan-Michael Key, known mostly for comedic roles, did an interview with CNET Magazine about his transition to sci-fi and action/adventure, which led to him explaining that yes, he loves science fiction and kung fu, but also that he’s a huge Shane Black fan.

Black wants Key to play an ex-Marine? No problem. But the writer/director sent his would-be Marines -- Key, Thomas Jane, Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, and Alfie Allen -- a memo asking for something a little bit more specific from his alien prey. “We become a kind of dirty half dozen of burned-out soldiers suffering from PTSD,” Key said. “Shane Black sent us a memo that was quite poetically written prior to shooting, and the gist of the memo was, ‘I want a bunch of knights — a bunch of knights who were rejects from the Round Table — knocking the rust off their armor and going back into battle.’

These reject knights, let's call them Sir Galabads and Lancealittles, are going to have to face fears they know they’re ill-equipped for, and come out the other side (or not). But they'll also have to be funny, as Key compares the squad to the Three Stooges at one point.

So, tired, burned out, macho, military Stooges that’ve been put through the ringer and aren’t at the top of their game. Sounds like the kind of ragtag group to give a Predator a run for its money, don't you think?

The Predator is set for a September 14, 2018 release.

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