Sharktopus is real! And Roger Corman is making it!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Move over, Mansquito! You may have finally met your match.

That 2005 film has been acclaimed as having (depending on how you look at it) either the most awesome or most cheesetastic (or both) title of any Syfy original movie—until now.

Because here comes ... Sharktopus!

If you were following the SyfyMovies Twitter feed today, you'd have learned that the network let slip some details about the project, and that the producer/director who's been handed the reins to bring the aquatic monster to life is none other than Roger Corman, the legendary "King of the Bs" behind such classics as The Little Shop of Horrors and Death Race 2000.

According to one tweet, Karen O'Hara, Director Original Movies at Syfy, spent half an hour "discussing what a sharktopus should look like, how many mouths it should have and how it should kill."

There no information yet on when Sharktopus will air, but what do you say? Are you ready for some Syfy sushi?

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