Shatner calls out Star Trek writers in hilarious Twitter exchange

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Apr 26, 2013, 9:56 AM EDT (Updated)

What happens when William Shatner, Damon Lindelof and Brannon Braga all start snarking at each other on Twitter? This. And it’s awesome.

If anyone ever needed proof that Twitter is great, Shatner just provided it. To help Lindelof celebrate his recent birthday, Shatner fired him off a tweet playfully asking why the Trek writer didn’t invite Shatner back for J.J. Abrams’ recent flicks. From there, it just gets crazier.

The results? The hilarious exchange below, which also attracted former Trek writer Brannon Braga to chime in on Capt. Kirk’s death in Star Trek Generations.

Check out the shenanigans below:

(Via Twitter)

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