Shatner slams Abrams for taking on both Star Trek & Star Wars

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Feb 11, 2013, 5:41 PM EST

William Shatner's never been shy about where he stands on both Star Trek and Star Wars, so what does he think about one guy in charge of both franchises?

While out promoting his new flick Escape From Planet Earth, Shatner was asked the inevitable question that everyone who's ever been associated with either of sci-fi's two biggest franchises is being asked nowadays: How does he feel about J.J. Abrams helming both the latest Trek flicks and the forthcoming Wars revival? Well, while Shatner did throw in some notes of respect for Abrams as a director, he didn't sugarcoat how he feels about one man commanding that much blockbuster power.

"He's being a pig. He's collecting the two franchises and holding them close to his vest. He's probably the most talented director of that ilk that we have, but he's gone too far this time. I think of him as a buddy of mine. I've taken him out for sushi. I think it's time for J.J. and I to have another sushi and let me put him straight about two of the largest franchises. And not employing me in either one of them, I think, is just foolhardy."

We know from his hilarious, largely tongue-in-cheek feud with Carrie Fisher that Shatner could very easily be joking, and the fact that he added in that dig about Abrams not hiring him certainly adds weight to that interpretation. But based on his facial expressions and his tone in the video below, he certainly seems serious about the "pig" part of the remark. Shatner wouldn't be the only sci-fi fan to express doubt and even outrage about Abrams taking both franchises, but he'd certainly be the most high-profile thus far. What do you think? Is Shatner for real, or this his attempt to have a little dry-humored fun at Abrams' expense?

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