Shatner predicts the future of computer tech in quaint 1976 video

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Dec 14, 2012

With Star Trek: The Original Series a decade behind him and Star Trek: The Motion Picture still a few years ahead, AT&T asked the once and future Capt. Kirk to explore the history and future of microprocessors. Why? We're not entirely sure. But 35 years later, it sure does give us a lesson in how far we've come.

William Shatner recorded this video in 1976, the same year the Apple I went on sale, though the version below was edited and rereleased in 1980. The AT&T archives don't explain exactly why it was created—to educate employees? for use in schools?—but whatever the reason, we're glad they did.

Because we can't imagine any voice better suited to predict the future melodramatically than that of The Shat.

Enjoy the retro goodness below!

(via My Opera)

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