Shatner's latest music video is even more bizarre than Rocket Man

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Oct 9, 2013, 11:49 AM EDT (Updated)

William Shatner -- greatest musical artist of all time or SUPER greatest musical artist of all time? 

When Shatner's first record, The Transformed Man, dropped in 1968, it was easily the weirdest and most unexpected thing that had ever happened to Star Trek fans. Forty-five years later, things just keep getting weirder.

We're not going to call Shatner's latest opus, Ponder the Mystery, a train wreck that we just can't turn away from, but, no, that's exactly what we're calling it.

Oy vey. A comical, spoken-word version of Mr. Tambourine Man this is not. Granted, that wasn't intentionally hilarious either.

While Shatner vies for poignancy, we're left pondering a different mystery -- how did he convince artists like Rick Wakeman, Steve Vai and Edgar Winter to work with him on this project? And was he being genuine when he included text in the video that reads, "BOMBING FOR PEACE?" or was that just some kind of meta statement on the video itself?

Oh, Bill. Never change.

(via Uproxx)

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