Shawn Ashmore ready and signed to reprise X-Men's Iceman

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Shawn Ashmore, who portrayed Bobby Drake/Iceman in the first three X-Men films, told SCI FI Wire that he is signed on for another "X-men-related" film and game as the ice-wielding Drake in whatever capacity that may be. It may be a while before we see the entire X-Men team together on screen again, though a few familiar faces will pop up in this week's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which hits screens on Friday.

In an exclusive telephone interview on Tuesday, Ashmore said that he would "absolutely love to play that character again." "I still have another film contracted," Ashmore said. "As far as an X4, that's been debated and talked about forever. I don't think an X-Men 4 will happen, and that's my opinion. That's not anything I've heard from anybody official. I just know how tough it was to get everybody together scheduling-wise for [X-Men: The Last Stand]. There's just so many major actors involved. I think that's just such a challenge."

Assuming Wolverine performs as expected at the box office this weekend, it's likely more X-Men Origins films will follow, which will also mean more opportunities for characters such as Iceman to resurface. "Now, with the outlet of having the spinoff films, I think that seems more realistic," Ashmore said.

Another possibility is the rumored Young X-men movie. But Ashmore admitted that he may be too old to play Drake if indeed the character were part of such a prequel. "I heard rumors about a young-X-Men movie, and then I heard it was going to be something taking place in the past," he said. "So even though Iceman and Bobby Drake are a big part storyline-wise, the way that they set up that character in the series, he's much younger than the other characters. I'm just not sure how realistic that would be. Clearly I'm getting older, so if they were to do that, I'm sure that they would cast a younger actor."

Whether or not the powers that be call upon Ashmore for one more outing as Iceman is now out of his hands. The role gave his career a strong start, in terms of both exposure and experience. For that, he's eternally grateful. "I sort of grew up playing him, and it's a rare opportunity, outside of maybe a television show, to continue playing a character film-wise," he said. "It's been a real gift to be a part of that series and also grow and mature with [Bobby Drake]."