Shazam! director acts out creepy crossover with his DC Comics action figures

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Dec 29, 2017, 10:53 AM EST

Next year marks the start of shooting for Shazam!, the next superhero film to enter the fray based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The film will star Zachary Levi in the title role and Asher Angel as his child alter-ego, Billy Batson. It will be directed by David Sandberg, and while Sandberg hasn't yet been able to show us anything from the shoot, he is having a lot of fun on Instagram with his action figures.

On Thursday, Sandberg — who maintains a very active social media presence, which he uses to tease the film — posted a little bit of action figure theater featuring Shazam! himself, his arch-nemesis Black Adam, and a couple of surprise guests. It starts predictably enough, with Black Adam arriving to confront Shazam! You'd expect a typical superhero/supervillain fight to break out at that point, but no. Instead, Shazam! turns on his foe with a couple of guns he seems to have borrowed from the Terminator, and then things get ... well, really gross. Check it out. (Note, this is a gallery of images. Just hover over the first image and you'll see a little arrow pointing right. Click it to get to the next image.)

The image of Shazam! grinning as he slowly puts on a surgical gown is kind of undeniably disturbing, but seeing Freddy Krueger pop up for a photo-op in the aftermath of the carnage is quite fun. Come to think of it, Freddy's films come from New Line Cinema, which is where the Shazam! film is being produced (it's now owned by Time Warner, so it still falls under the DCEU umbrella). So, even though Sandberg (a director best known for horror films like Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation) is mixing up his franchises here, a crossover is technically possible ...