Shazam! director hilariously trolls fan speculating about the DCEU’s demise

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

It's been speculated that the future of the entire DCEU was riding on the performance of Justice League, and now that the film has opened to middling reviews and lackluster attendance, some film fans are already putting the DCEU in the ground and jabbing a kryptonite-tipped fork in it.  

Things got a bit rowdy on Reddit recently (as they often do), and one fan took the opportunity to cite some "insider knowledge," claiming that aside from the already shot Aquaman, the entire slate of upcoming DC films is being wiped clean. The fan included Shazam! in the "scoop," but if that film is being shelved, then it's news to the film's director, David F. Sandberg. He quickly responded to the fan's gossip about the cancellation of his film: 



Replying with "Nobody told me. Can I take the day off tomorrow then? I really want to sleep in", Sandberg shuts down the rumor in hilarious fashion. Speculative "insider knowledge" posts are nothing new when it comes to the internet, but it's not often someone being speculated about actually chimes in.

It would seem that, at least for the moment, rumors of the DCEU's imminent demise are exaggerated. Though, it does stand to reason Warner Bros. might make some course corrections or changes to its DCEU roadmap over the next several months. Sandberg is a verified regular on Reddit, so there's every possibility he could chime in again to keep fans up to date on the latest developments.

(Via Reddit)


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