Shazam director tells haters to 'wait for a trailer' before forming opinion

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

After promises not to “f*** this up” from the film’s producer, the Shazam creative team seems plenty put upon by fans’ expectations for the movie and the growing negativity associated with the DCEU. Sure, the last few movies have been rocky (aside from the critically and popularly beloved Wonder Woman), but that doesn't necessarily mean everything for the future.

Now, dragged into this negativity by Twitter users, Shazam's internet-savvy director David F. Sandberg had plenty to say on the subject of people who have already made up their minds about the upcoming film.

After being tagged in a long conversation ending in the warning “Better steer clear of this movie,” Sandberg rebutted:

In fact, the director continues, it might help to have even a hint of footage before warning people off a film:

The film has yet to even begin shooting, so the hate coming from comic diehards seems based entirely on, well, hate for what Warner Bros. is doing in general and the mediocre critical reception of Justice League. If Wonder Woman is proof of anything, it's that really good movies can still arise from a film universe that is struggling to find its footing. Maybe Shazam can break the mold in the same way?

For now there just simply isn’t enough out about Shazam to make any sort of judgment call at this point. So haters, heed the level-headed words of Sandberg and wait for some concrete footage, images -- well, anything -- from the film before warning people off. Or else he’ll find you and roast you for your impatience, because he's cool like that.

Shazam is tentatively set to open April 4, 2019.