Shazam script is done, originally included The Rock's Black Adam

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Aug 17, 2017

Warner Bros. and DC Films surprised fans when they revealed in July that Shazam! would be the next movie of theirs to go into production. Movies like Green Lantern Corps and Cyborg have been in development for some time, and The Flash, now going by Flash Point, was originally scheduled for an early 2018 release, let alone filming.

Nevertheless, Shazam! is next up to bat, and though it doesn't yet have a cast, it does have a director in David F. Sandberg. Sandberg has been talking to press on the Annabelle: Creation press tour, and has been willing to answer a few questions about Shazam! along the way. After revealing that it would be a more lighthearted film than most in the DCEU, now he's confirmed the script is complete and they're ready to rock - um, but still without the Rock, who has been cast as Shazam baddie and sometimes anti-hero Black Adam.

“There’ve been variations of the script, like before I came along, where… you know, variations where Black Adam was in and out and, you know. But now, this is about Shazam," Sandberg told Film Riot. Instead, Black Adam, who got his powers from the same wizard, but in the days of ancient Egypt, will get his own film before crossing paths with his 21st century counterpart.

Sandberg said that even now that the script is done, he is still reading as many Shazam (formerly known as Captain Marvel) comics as he can.

"I’m taking it all in. Some of those really old ones are quite fun, when he’s, like, fighting Hitler. Stuff like that," Sandberg said. With a history dating back to 1939, and reinventions every couple of decades, it is indeed a lot to take in. "So there’s a lot to read and that’s also interesting because he sort of has a couple of different origin stories or a couple of different takes on it. You know, you have the most recent sort of Geoff Johns version and then you have [Jerry] Ordway's version and then you have those really old versions."

Sounds like Sandberg will be very well-prepared when it comes time to start shooting early 2018. Now if we just knew who'd be playing Shazam and Billy Batson.

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