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Shazam will be 'more fun and lighthearted' than typical DCEU fare

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Aug 4, 2017

Much has been said about the tone of the DCEU. The world of DC Films started as a dark and dismal affair, with more violent heroes than many were used to and, frankly, just a lot of frowning. That turned a significant corner in Wonder Woman, which brought levity and a critically acclaimed new tone to that world, despite taking place during one of the worst conflicts in history, World War I.

Well, that tonal shift will see another major leap when Shazam! hits theaters in 2019, if director David F. Sandberg has his way. While he's known for his horror films, like Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation, he understands that the character sometimes known in the comics as "The Big Red Cheese" is one that needs a lot of fun. The basic story is of wish fulfillment -- a kid named Billy Batson gets the powers of Superman from a wizard -- which is just what Sandberg loves about it.

“The big attraction for me with that character is the fact that every kid dreams of being Superman, right? I mean, I certainly did, and [Billy Batson] is a kid that gets that chance," Sandberg told the Toronto Sun. "He gets to become the superhero. So it’ll be big with superpowers in a way. In terms of what people can expect, I think this will be one of the more fun or lighthearted movies so far in the DC universe. It certainly will be a departure.”

With the Justice League trailer focusing quite a bit on some of the lighthearted elements, especially when dealing with The Flash, it does make sense that this would continue on in that direction. When speaking of DC Comics, DC Films co-head Geoff Johns has been known to say what he loves about the publisher is the sense of "optimism, legacy, and hope," and now that he and Jon Berg are in charge of the film productions, it makes sense that they'd want that to be the big-screen focus as well.

Shazam! will be the next movie from DC Films and Warner Bros. to go into production, shooting early 2018 for a 2019 release. No casting for the film has been announced yet.

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